Home Inspiration: Industrial Chic
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The industrial chic trend has spread from artist studios and fashion houses, to weddings, and naturally – into the home. The style revolves around worn textures mixed with welded metals; it’s clean, minimalistic, in fact, as it developed from a focus on utilitarian function.

A few hallmarks of the industrial chic style include:

  • A focus on metals, especially silver, pewter and aluminum
  • Exposed architectural elements: wood beams, pipes, brick
  • Edison light bulbs
  • A minimalist ethos with clean lines

A Brief History

As popular as the “industrial chic” décor style is today, its deeply rooted in the past. Stemming from a focus on efficiency and safety, the first industrial buildings were constructed in the late 1700s. Much of the early industrial architecture was shaped and influenced by insurance companies, wary of fire, and advocated for open floor plans and plain facades. This lead to an unfinished look and that is characterized by its use of exposed bricks, pipes, and ductwork – all elements that are commonly seen in today’s industrial chic design.

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How the Trend Evolved to Today

As the rent went up in high-traffic cities like NYC and Los Angeles, there was a major shift in the demographic and people started flocking to cheaper neighborhoods. Businesses turned to the old warehouses and factories that had long been abandoned, bringing new life into the forgotten spaces. Instead of paying lofty sums to convert the worn structures into modern-day dwellings, they embraced the dilapidated nature of the buildings. Soon, fashion houses were highlighting their “new” old spaces and exposed brick became a popular backdrop. The large, open industrial spaces were seen as perfect places to host groups of people for events – such as weddings. By turning these spaces into sought after event venues, the presence of distressed walls and aged pipes has become prevalent in all aspects of design – from fashion photo-shoots, to weddings, music videos and now into the home. The distressed appearance of a building is a testament to its history, its significance; the beauty lies in its imperfections.

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Inspiration Photos

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It’s widely believed that the industrial chic look blends perfectly with any style, with its emphasis on clean lines and bold features... check out the OPT by No Rest for Bridget in Costa Mesa for some of our favorite industrial chic items.