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Denim Jackets: A Timeless Trend

Posted: Mar 02 2017

If there is one article of clothing every "it" girl has, it is the always-stylish denim jacket. Its versatility is what has made it a timeless staple, and with every model and celebrity adding the all-American style to their repertoire, it is no wonder the denim jacket has become a new classic.

Model Gigi Hadid
Image via Who What Wear 

Model Anna Ewers
Image via Vogue 

Don't get me wrong, denim jackets have always been a hit. The first one was designed by Mr. Levi Strauss in 1880, and has really come a long way. Initially created to be a durable, heavy-duty jacket for laborers in the West during the years of the Gold Rush, the workingman took on denim as their daily uniform.

As the years went on, it was the silver screen that sparked the interest of pop culture, and the cotton-made outerwear became a mainstream hit. Stars like John Wayne gave denim an air of infamy, and by the 50's and 60's, it was seen as an anti-conformist, rebellious style. Its instant cool-factor set the denim jacket off into forever-fame. 

John Wayne
Image via Levi Strauss and Co. 

Steve McQueen
Image via Getty Images

Marilyn Monroe
Image via Harpers Bazaar 

Image via Harpers Bazaar

Back to present day, jean jackets now exhibit personality and self-expression. It is the perfect topper to any ensemble, and oozes effortless style. From the red carpet to a day in the office, this classic is a show-stopper for any event. Women and men alike have adopted the piece as a quintessential part of their repertoire.

Image via Style Du Monde 

Image via The Fancy Pants Report 

Image via Vogue

As every season goes, trends are constantly evolving. Even the denim jacket has been through its changes. This season is no different, as the denim jacket has become a bit more oversized, and distressed, some with embroidery, and some designed in a range of washes. But that is what is so great about this everlasting trend: you can never go wrong.

Make a statement this season (and for seasons to come), and add one of our timeless styles to your spring collection.

White Denim Jacket 

Avery Embroidered Denim Jacket 

Distressed Denim Jacket 

Alexis Denim Jacket

"Soulmates" Vintage Wash Denim Jacket

"Soulmates" Vintage Wash Denim Jacket