Fall Shoe Trends to Know
There are just a few short weeks left of the warm summer sun before the cooler, shorter days of fall arrive. However, since we are all still wearing our warm-weather clothes, we won't overwhelm you with full-blown fall styles just yet. That being said, let's ease our way into autumn by taking a peek at what shoe trends to expect in the coming season.

Prints and patterns, intricate details, and timeless styles are making us look forward to fall fashion, when it comes to shoes, anyway. Plus, who doesn't love the transition into a new season? Your wardrobe lineup completely changes, which means fresh outfits and new trends, shoes you were not able to wear the season before, and seasonal accessories to enhance your repertoire. Shoes, of course, are what we look forward to most. They are the smallest, yet most-impactful part of every outfit, and can change up your look in the simplest, or boldest, of ways.

This fall season, let your shoes do the talking. Take effortless looks to new heights with the latest bold new shoe trends. This fall season may just have the best styles yet.

Scroll down for our fall 2018 shoe inspiration that will have you ready to take on the new season.

Animal Prints
Enliven any look with an animal print shoe. Sandals, heels, booties, and mules are all being "spotted" with the bold pattern. Summer trend-setters embraced leopard print skirts and dresses over the past few months, and it will continue to run wild through fall. But the chic and timeless animal prints will also be big among shoe styles. 

Cowboy boots were a trending style this summer, with celebrities and style influencers alike sporting the western classic. This fall, you will see the trend in full-force; from small detailing to colorful tall boots, embrace timeless Americana style in a modern way. 

Slip-On Loafers
Loafers may remind you of your back-to-school days, but let us assure you, the loafer of 2018 is anything but that. Slip-on loafers made a serious statement last fall, winning over every fashion maven in the business. Luckily for us, they continue to be the essential, new-classic loafer. These contemporary shoes will make any look sophisticated.