Girl on the Go Style with Nichole Ciotti

Fashion Girl Rule #1: There is nothing more effortlessly chic than a little black dress. However, when you mix in a striped print, that little LBD jumps to the next level and can easily be a key piece in every wardrobe.


Take Nichole Ciotti of Vanilla Extract, for example, who is seen casually strolling through the city of San Francisco, coffee in hand. Nichole’s day-to-day, “Café Chic” look is finished off by a pair of chunky black boots and a black satchel. The striped dress acts as a staple – something you can quickly top off with a leather jacket as you transition to evening – which is exactly what she did. For the girl on the go that is constantly running around the city with little time to change, there is no better shape-shifter than the little black striped dress.


Looking for the perfect striped dress to be a key player in your wardrobe? Nichole’s effortlessly chic outfit is available to shop online!