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Handbag Trends: The Styles You Need for Spring

/ Post by Chelsea Garmshausen
There is just something about buying a new handbag that is so rewarding. Maybe it is because a purse or clutch is the finishing touch to all of our outfits. The cherry on top, if you will. Whatever it may be, a girl has got to have her handbag, and why not have it be the coolest element of your everyday ensemble? 

The one accessory we use day-after-day, and absolutely cannot live without, has become more than just a staple. Bags have transitioned into a standout piece of our outfit puzzle. We think long and hard about which style we want to infuse into our wardrobes, knowing that what we choose will be a major player in our day-to-day affairs.

To help you decide upon your new-season arm-candy, we have organized a list of our favorite handbag trends for spring, and the similar styles you can shop online and in-store.

Round Handle Handbags

 A retro-inspired style, round handle handbags have a sophisticated, ultra-feminine feel about them. 


Mini Crossbody Bags

Image Courtesy of Vogue

Image Courtesy of Vogue

Dainty and darling mini crossbody bags are a major trend for spring. Just big enough to hold the essentials, these bags are perfect for an evening out.


Animal Prints and Patterns

Image Courtesy of Vogue

Image Courtesy of Vogue

Animal prints, furs, and patterns adorned the runways for spring. They are a classic, yet bold style for a refined wardrobe.