Interview with Jo and Jacq's: Get to Know the Girls Behind Sweat & Tell

Get ready, Bridgets, because today is launch day for the No Rest For Bridget x Sweat & Tell Capsule Collection!

Like you, we have been dying to get into our latest workout gear, co-branded with the girls of the health and wellness blog, Sweat & Tell. Not only is everything extremely cute and chic, our gym-ready apparel is completely affordable, and can be styled for your off-duty days, too (a definite plus, in our books).

Our Instagram and emails have been filled with little snippets and sneak peeks of our collection, and the girls we have been working with, if you have not already taken notice. Finally, we reveal what we have all been hard at work creating, and trust us, these styles do not disappoint. From easy-chic tees to flattering leggings, these products are meant to be mixed-and-matched, worn every day, and inspire you to "get sweaty"!

So, who is Sweat & Tell?

Joanna and Jacquelyn are the best friend duo behind the blog. We decided to interview the girls as a way to introduce them to you, our Bridget's, as well as get a little more insight into what their life is like as bloggers.

Scroll down to get to know the ladies we have been working with!

Interview with Jo and Jacq's of Sweat & Tell

Give us a quick breakdown of how you met, and when you started Sweat and Tell. 
We initially met in college, since we both went to Chapman University, but we didn’t become besties until we worked at a tech start-up post grad! We had the same schedule, so we naturally became workout buddies, and would try out different studios throughout OC. Back then, we were together from 6:30 am until post-workout around 4:30 or 5 pm. Now that we have different schedules that are both crazy, we don’t get to see each other as much. Don’t worry, we still see each other at least 3 times a week and are in constant communication. We are basically each other's second boyfriends!

What drove you two to start the Sweat and Tell blog?
We both worked at a tech company post-grad and had the same schedule (usually getting off work around 3 PM). We were workout buddies and would consistently try out different studios throughout OC together. It wasn’t until about six months later that we both confessed our desire to create a fitness Instagram, and we thought what better way to do this than with each other!? I think the exact quote was “OMG SHUT UP - I want to start one too, and already have the handle!” We created a full business outline and launched Sweat and Tell a couple months later. It’s now been a little over a year and a half since we first started and things are crazy! It’s definitely challenging to manage, in addition to having a full time job and school (50+ hours per week), but we always remind ourselves the reason why we started this - to be a relatable, authentic, and valuable resource for fitness and wellness. So, we have to practice what we preach! We think recording the real life craziness and hiccups is what makes our platform relatable to so many of our followers. We embrace the busy lifestyle and continue to learn new tricks (and share them) as we go.

About how many gyms/workouts/classes have you attended and reviewed?
Oh gosh, I don’t even think we could count! Since starting S&T, we’ve probably done about 200-250 classes? We really should be keeping track!

Do you both travel often to review classes outside of Orange County?
Yes! We try to cover both OC and LA, in addition to anywhere else we go to travel or on vacation. We love trying local studios when we are on vacation or visiting family elsewhere. It keeps things fresh for us and it is fun to see the local hot spots!

What is your secret behind keeping the motivation to workout regularly?
Having a workout partner is one of the best ways to keep you on track because they keep you accountable. We book our workouts a week in advance and stick to them. That late class fee helps lock us in. Also, knowing when to let yourself rest to prevent burnout. Actually giving your body the break it needs from working out, makes you appreciate your workouts so much more, and not treat them like a punishment. Schedule intentional rest days, so you can give your body the break it deserves and you will feel more excited to get back in the gym the next day.  

What are your go-to local (OC/LA) restaurants or markets that offer healthy and yummy foods?

OMG, great timing, because we recently did a post all about this. Here is our list. It was tough narrowing it down because there are so many options to choose from!
Vibe organic kitchen - all vegan
Bear Flag - best fish around
Rutabegorz - our fave college spot (garlic chicken salad FTW)
Haute cakes - delish brekky and lunch
Farmhouse at Rodgers Garden - perf for date night
Zinque - Lido views (Le Bowl is our fave)⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Flowerchild - aesthetic on point, and all healthy
Sugarfish - best sushi, but a little more money
The Hive - smoothie bowls and healthy entrees galore
Gracias Madre - vegan Mexican
Tocaya Organica - Mexican food in Venice

A few of our fave restaurant chains: Urban plates, Green Leaf Chop Shop, Cava, Cafe Gratitude, Sweet Green, and Jan’s Health Bar.

Tell us your favorite “cheat day” food or meal.
Jo: I have the biggest sweet tooth - ice cream, cookies, brownies…you get the idea.
Jacqs: Hamburger and French fries, or endless Thai food.

How do you stay chic while “keeping it sweaty”?
We like to pair our activewear with pieces that may not traditionally be worn to a workout, like dainty jewelry, fun sneakers, and crop tops. Mixing and matching pieces can give you a lot more styling options. We feel the most comfortable in activewear and wear it the majority of the time, so we like to spice it up as much as we can!