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Posted: Feb 21 2018

Being in the midst of winter is never fun. We are all back in the groove of things after the holidays (which now seem like ages ago), and the warm days of summer seem so far off. Vacations become fewer, and the monotony of everyday life begins to make time go by even slower, or so it seems.

Change up the routineness and enjoy a long weekend away to relax and refresh, and take on the end of winter with ease. A little escape (and maybe some fresh threads, too) is just what we all need to hold ourselves over until the warm weather arrives.

In need of some sunshine? Wanting to get on the slopes? Check out our vacation picks below, then shop our trendy spring looks to bring along with you.

Palm Springs

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Every Southern California girl's favorite weekend escape, Palm Springs is high on our list for a warm-weather vacation. Sunny days never seem to end in this chic desert paradise. Trendy hotels and retro architecture are a huge part of the draw, and the many stylish restaurants and boutiques keep us coming back. Diving into a refreshing pool on a hot day is something we dream of all winter long.

Image courtesy of Ohh Couture

San Francisco

Image courtesy of Meredith Foster

Just a short flight from anywhere in California is the big, eclectic city of San Francisco. Tall buildings, unique neighborhoods, and never-ending views are what make this place one of our favorite vacation destinations. Walk, bus, or taxi everywhere, as everything is in a very close radius of one another. Union Square is full of ultra-cool shops and high-rises that are totally Insta-worthy. 

Image courtesy of Chris Chabot on flickr

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Cabo San Lucas, Baja, Mexico

Image courtesy of Lonely Planet

If you are really looking to get away, head south to colorful, warm Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Bright blue waters, tropical drinks on the beach, and delicious food, it will be hard to come back to reality. Pack up your most colorful spring attire, because you will be wanting to rock your breezy maxi dresses and playful rompers all vacation long.

Image courtesy of Officially Quigley

Image courtesy of Officially Quigley

Lake Tahoe

For the skiing fanatics and snow lovers, Lake Tahoe is the place to be this winter. The mountains are full of snow, which means hitting the slopes is a must. Cozy up in a log cabin and sit around the fire, enjoying a true winter, since we barely see that here in SoCal. 

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Los Angeles

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Have a stay-cation and hang around L.A. for the weekend. Pick from one of the countless hotels among the city, from the trendy to the renowned, and explore the many neighborhoods that L.A. has to offer. Cruise down Rodeo Drive for the ultimate upscale experience, take a bike ride around Venice Beach for people watching and vintage shopping, and stroll through downtown for the coolest bars and restaurants. Really, the possibilities in this city are endless.

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