Now Trending: Tie-Front Tops

Posted: Jul 26 2018

If there is one trend we have been seeing all over Pinterest and Instagram, it is tie-front tops. The summery style has taken over our feeds, and we are totally inspired.

Although simple, the tie-front look adds a little something more to an outfit. It is a fresh take on the crop top: you are able to customize your look through how taut you make your knot. Take a simple tee, for example, and knot the front for a whole new mood. Go for a casual front tie on your button-up blouse at work for a chic, updated getup. On the weekends, try the much-loved new bra top trend, and pair it with a maxi skirt and sandals for an evening of drinks and dancing.

Elevate your end-of-summer wardrobe by working this transitional trend into your lineup. For some OOTD inspo, we have collected a handful of stylish ladies who have the style down pat.

Take a peek below at our favorite way to wear tie-front tops, then check out our latest arrivals for you to try out for yourself.

Image courtesy of Rocky Barnes

Image courtesy of Sara of Collage Vintage

Image courtesy of Lucy Williams

Image courtesy of Vogue

Image courtesy of Anne-Laure Mais

Image courtesy of Who What Wear

Image courtesy of Natalia Georgala

Image courtesy of Rocky Barnes more