Tips on Staying Healthy While Traveling, from the Girls of Sweat & Tell
Big summer vacation coming up? Going on a weekend escape?

Read up on a few t
ips and tricks from the girls of Sweat & Tell on staying healthy while traveling, below.

Traveling is all about staying flexible.

If you have the time to hit up a studio, that is great, but a lot of times, that is not realistic. Try packing a booty band in your suitcase, so you can stream a workout video from your room, or use it to stretch.

The easiest form of exercise while traveling is walking. Walk everywhere! It is a great way to stay on track, while also saving money! It gives you a chance to get your body moving and see the place you are visiting from a local’s perspective, rather than zoning out in a taxi from place-to-place. 

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Another easy travel tip is to always start your day with a healthy breakfast, and drink lots of water, too. Breakfast is probably the easiest meal of the day to find something nutritious that will kick-start your metabolism, and give you the energy you need for a full day of exploring in a new place. Drinking water will help with all that travel bloat, while also keeping your appetite more stable, and helping with all the yummy treats you might be snacking on!

Happy traveling, from Jo and Jacqs of Sweat & Tell!