Online orders are being processed within 3 days of your order on average.

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Q. What is Now Commerce by Shipsi?
A. Now Commerce by Shipsi makes it possible for you to have your order hand delivered in 2 hours
 or less.

Q. Who delivers my order?
A. One of Shipsi’s delivery partners. (eg Postmates). Please note that Postmates may not be able to leave your package unattended if you are not home. To avoid any issues with the delivery of your order, please be sure to be present at the shipping address at the time of delivery. 

Q. What days/hours is Shipsi shipping available?
A. Shipsi shipping will be available Monday-Friday, available hours may vary. 

Q. What are your warehouse hours?

A. Our warehouse is open Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm (excluding holidays). Please note that any emails and/or calls received during off-hours will not be received until the following business day. 

Q. Will I be notified when my order is coming?
A. Yes, you will receive an email notification with live tracking with an estimated time for delivery.

Q. How do I qualify for Now Commerce by Shipsi?
A. If your delivery location falls within a certain geographic location, you qualify to receive your order in 2 hours 
or less. If you qualify, once your at the checkout screen the option for Shipsi will automatically appear.

Q. What types of buildings can my order be delivered to?
A. Any and all locations including, home, work, the gym or a meeting. Our delivery partners will hand deliver your package to you.

Q. How much is Now Commerce by Shipsi delivery?
A. The delivery price is calculated in real time to give you the cheapest and fastest shipping option. Prices may vary depending on location and time the order is placed. Pricing will be displayed at checkout in the shipping section.

Q. Why use Now Commerce by Shipsi?
A. Instead of shopping online and waiting 7 days to get your order or having to pay high overnight or 2 day delivery prices you have a choice to receive your order in
60 mins or less.

Q. Do you have to use Now Commerce by Shipsi if in the selected region?
A. No, if you choose not to use
“Now Commerce” simply select one of the traditional shipping options available, nothing changes just your choice of how quickly you receive your order.

Q. What if I have a problems with my order?
A. If you experience any issues with receiving your order, please contact us at within 24 hours, so that we can assist with an immediate resolution. 

Q. What if I have a problems/issue with my Shipsi delivery?
A. Please contact Shipsi on the number listed at the bottom of your email notification.