How do I know if a specific item is available at a No Rest For Bridget store by me?

Our online store has its own selections of products and often are not available in our stores. Please call a closest No Rest For Bridget store location and inquire about the product you are looking for.

Can store gift cards be used online?
Store gift cards can only be redeemed at our stores, and online gift cards can only be redeemed online, due to each card type being processed by separate processors.

My card was charged, but I did not receive a confirmation e-mail for my order?
If your card was charged, but you did not receive a confirmation from us, this may be due to the following:

  • Your e-mail address was entered incorrectly.
  • The billing information associated with your credit card did not match your billing information that you submitted with your order. If your billing zip code does not match with your credit card, your order will be rejected by our system, due to security reasons. Keep in mind that the pending charges you are seeing on your bank account will drop off. Please contact us if you need additional assistance with this.